So today I will talkĀ about the company DYN!

What awesome companies use DYN?

Their are some very huge websites running on the DYN CDN such as CNBC, ETSY and SOUNDCLOUD.

Are there many open-source projects available for DYN?

Yes there sure are! There are a plethora of projects available for your analysis on Github, Bitbucket and even snippets on Pastebin.

What do I think of DYN?
I think their DNS service is doing great and is widely used through out the globe. After the denial of service attack on their main domain name server ip addresses I think Oracle taking over is a really good move.
While I do myself only use Google’s DNS settings I still think DYN is a very suitable second decision over some local internet service provider DNS.

What should you do if you lose or forget your DYNDNS Password?

Okay so firstly… Don’t panic! Dyn have excellent customer support even more so now they have been taken over by Oracle.

You can contact them by phone, email or even their social media profiles for prompt and helpful support.

I’ve lost my password multiple times and it’s always been very easy to get back into my account after providing verification documents.

Question from social media:

Q: What is the last company you did work for that use DYN for remote control access?
A: Local Cleaners – it was a short work contract though sadly.